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Iris Dale Natural Healing Salve Reviews

“So many lotion makers claim so much, it’s hard to believe anything, but when you find a hidden gem that actually helps it’s like winning the lotto. This ointment by actually helped me with my eczema and made my skin smooth and fresh looking.” - James E.

“A friend of mine recommended natural healing salve to me for my daughter and me for eczema and boy it's been a game changer. We've been using this just over a couple of week's now and it's made a tremendous difference. I have purchased many over the counter lotions & ointments and this by far is absolutely the BEST. I highly recommend this product and will be a lifelong customer.” - Rick H.

“This product has worked great so far and I'm very happy with it.  It goes on nice and doesn't leave my skin feeling too oily and the fragrance is pleasant.  As a guy I'm particular with scents and this doesn't get in the way of my colognes. As far as it's results, I'm pleased with how soft it leaves my skin and I notice it helps with any cuts or scrapes I get as I do a lot of work and chores in my house and in my yard.  I definitely recommend this product.” - Michael H

“This ointment is absolutely amazing. My friend mishandled her pressure cooker and burned her face and part of her neck. After I helped her clean up, I remembered that had just gotten a jar of this salve, quickly retrieved for my car and began applying it on my friends burn areas. Within a few minutes we noticed the difference, redness almost gone and less pain.” - Mako